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Do you ever restock items?Updated a month ago

Q: How often do items get restocked?

A: The frequency of restocks varies depending on the demand for the product. Popular items may be restocked more frequently, while others might have less frequent restocks.

Q: How can I find out when an item will be restocked?

A: We provide information about restocks through email notifications and socials! You can sign up for email alerts, follow us on social media, or check the product page for restock updates.

Q: Can I pre-order items during restocks?

A: We currently offer pre-orders for select items that are expected to be restocked. Not every item restocked will have a pre-order option.

Q: Are restocked items identical to the previous stock?

A: In most cases, restocked items are identical to the previous stock. However, there might be occasional updates or improvements to the product.

Q: The size I needed to exchange for is out of stock, Can I reserve an item for them you restock?

A: Restocked items are on a first-come, first-serve basis. It's recommended to return the item for store credit! 

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